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Zoosk process managed to get people chatting though some people are reluctant to meet.

I loved the amount of interaction that I experienced and recomend it to anyone that is open, ready and willing to find love.

Expectations as expected, normal people, although there were a few I suspected of not being genuine, maybe associated with hackers. Expectations and experiences were overwhelming at times......

I preferred to read the profiles and check the photos rather than quick scans. If there is to be an improvement on the site I would recommend that when blocking people they stay blocked and are unable to contact or view you.

Those websites are intended to build lasting relationships between users.

A serious man can find a single woman, and an unmarried woman can find easily a serious man to whom share the rest of her life.

it does not matter what type of relationship they are after: online dating sites meet all profiles!

There are online dating sites targeted to specific audiences. Serious dating platforms are one of the most popular sites within the market.

I think that is an egregious example of bad faith on the part of Zoosk toward their customers. I rarely regret spending money the way I regret paying for a Zoosk membership. Zoosk is a ripoff, you try to chat and I'm not even sure if the person is getting the message. These tactics to entice people to hurry and pay them money in hopes they will not read terms of service.

Was informed by a friend that the site was easy to use and not expensive like other sites. People were generally friendly exchanging conversation. The search requires much patience waiting and searching for a compatible date or partner.

Sign up was easy to understand and deactivating the account was easy as well... It is worth it when meeting that special person It was easy to sign up, meet a lot of single people and chose by myself what I believed was right for me.

Some of them several times a day, which gives the impression that the person is interested.

I found out that Zoosk will make it appear as though certain people are visiting your page.