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I'm in Rome, Italy and I'm planning to come there...I need friends!!! For the next 6 months all I got a whole bunch my inbox was nothing but requests from Nigerian Royalty looking for offshore bank accounts!

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I prefer British comedy over American, acoustic music Life has so much to offer, specially spending time with someone special. I love spending my free time doing outdoors like cycling, swimming, tennis, working out and running.I love yoga and pilates I love the rain, I love the warm rays of the sun on my skin.Im passionate about the moon, i love the shadows the night casts and daring to explore the darkness and the shadows of the night and my soul!These members are more accountable as we can resolve issues by contacting a local ISP or holder address.Members who replace their free email address with their ISP address get more photos, higher rankings in search results and the Silver Star icon to let other members know that it can be safer to deal with these members.