Will updating my ram make my computer faster

Many automatically run when Windows starts up, yet most of them don't need to and should only use up resources when you actually need to use them.

The difference between the two is that one is a laptop and one is probably a desktop. So what do you do with older computers that might have trouble keeping up with your current and future needs?Luckily, the right hardware upgrades can significantly improve your computer's performance.Hello everyone, I currently have an ASUS K56CA that i bought almost 2 years ago. It's running the following config: Core i7-3517U with 6GB of Ram I know the computer is only upgradable to a max of 8GB of ram (Two 4GB slots), but really what I'm wondering is this: - I need this computer to run my excel calculations faster (I also have a desktop that has 16GB of ram running some crazy 4-core i7 chipset).