Who is redman dating

Their eyes met, in time-honoured fashion, across a crowded room.

Amanda Redman, overtly sexy in a clingy designer dress, knew instantly that she 'had to have him'.

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Matt Redman is married to Beth and they have five children.

The New Tricks star has never made a secret of the scarring, the result of tipping a pan of boiling soup over herself when she was 18 months old.

Mr Schnabel, a mobile phone designer, proposed six months ago.

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Her father is Ronald Redman and mother is Joan Redman.

And, as it turns out, Miss Redman's private life is every bit as racy as many of her on-screen roles. First, the feline aquamarine eyes, made-up to perfection, bore into his.

Next, she moved alongside him, seemingly carelessly touching his arm with her own.

But once Miss Redman had made up her mind, Mr Schnabel, as one friend puts it, 'didn't stand a chance'.

Three years later, Mr Schnabel is still under the spell of Miss Redman, one of the best-known faces on television today, star of the highly acclaimed and hugely popular At Home With The Braithwaites, and the Oscar-nominated film Sexy Beast, alongside Ben Kingsley.

Who is redman dating