Who is lisa niemi dating now

They first met each other when she took dancing lessons under his mother guidance as his mother was a dance instructor. He was married to Lisa Niemi, a long term girlfriend from the start of 1970s.The two were married for 34 years before he passed away.Niemi’s rep confirms to People that she has started seeing jeweler Albert De Prisco after the two met through a mutual friend at Lisa’s birthday party earlier this year.Lisa Niemi is currently married to Albert De Prisco.She has been in two celebrity relationships averaging approximately 22.3 years each.

Three years after actor Patrick Swayze lost his battle with cancer at the age of 57, his widow Lisa Niemi is finally ready to move on.Alley recently claimed in her new book, and publicity tour, that Patrick was in love with her in 1985 when they were both married to other people and were co-stars on a TV movie called “North and South.” In Kirstie’s Xenu-addled mind, Patrick was madly in love with her, even though he turned her down cold for sex when they were both drunk, telling her “.” It sounds more like an infatuation on Kirstie’s part than a love affair, but Kirstie takes it further and claims in her book that Patrick was constantly asking her to divorce her then-husband and run away with him.That’s the exact same thing that she claimed about John Travolta – that nothing happened between them but she wanted to run away with him. He also made his appearance in several television shows. His mother was a dancer like him and she was also a choreographer and an instructor. They were bonded in marriage relation till 2009, the year he died because of pancreatic cancer. He made his first appearance in the movie in 1979 in Skatetown.