Who is john salley dating dating violence vs domestic violence

since it hasn't exactly worked out for the last few athletes who've gotten in deep with the Kardashian girls. There has been plenty of concern that Khloe will work her voodoo and somehow take Thompson out of his game and hurt his career, as well as the Cavalier franchise.recently his heteros-xuality has come into question as well.conversation in relation to barry bonds cheating:john salley: “cheating is ok, everyone does it yo.

James Harden and Khloe Kardashian have a HUGE supporter (ask Lisa Ann) in John Salley ...The 4-time NBA champ says Melo's not the type to seek… READ MORE John Salley says people pissed Kanye West met with Donald Trump are DEAD WRONG ... John Salley -- who says he LIKES the idea of The Worm as an NBA coach and thinks Phil Jackson should give him a shot. READ MORE Ex-Laker Ronny Turiaf says the death of Moses Malone at only 60-years-old ... since he too has dealt with life-threatening heart issues. Note: I am not a vegan (yet), and I do not know enough to explicitly endorse John’s recommendations.I do, however, explicitly endorse the idea that it’s enjoyable to take in John Salley’s pontifications.