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A graduate of Prince Andrew High School, Tupper studied acting at Concordia University in Montreal and Rutgers University in New York.As he racked up a resume doing theater, he began appearing onscreen with bit parts in features like "Joe Dirt" (2001) and "Corky Romano" (2001).Other rooms include a long and narrow living room, an open plan brand range, a 400 square foot family room, and an office/study with mauve colored carpeting.Listing information also indicates there are six fireplaces which are good for keeping the tootsies warm on cold Canadian winters, but not so good for forest preservation.

The tides will ebb and flow as they perform their magnetic dance with the moon.And Anne Heche will still be nuttier than a fruitcake.In divorce papers filed this week, Heche’s estranged husband Coley Laffoon claims that the former half of the world’s most famous lesbian power couple was a bad parent to their 5-year-old son, Homer, and a persistent passenger on the crazy bus.“It is disappointing that Coley Laffoon has resorted to filing lies with the court because Anne would not cave in to his astronomical monetary demands, including his demand for ,000 a month in support.After a couple of guest spots on "Gilmore Girls" (WB, 2000-07), "CSI: New York" (CBS, 2004-13) and "How I Met Your Mother" (CBS, 2005-14), Tupper had a more significant co-starring role in the indie drama, "Loudmouth Soup" (2005).Then in the indie thriller "Invisible" (2006), which received limited release in New York, he was a husband in the midst of divorcing his wife (Kit Pongetti).