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HIt the flip to find out what Sidney told Angela Yee and the ladies of “Lip Service” about her relationship with Tyga!“Honestly I really don’t know where that story came from,” Sidney said on the podcast.”My assistant tweeted out that MTO was going to have an exclusive, but I have a new assistant that can kinda get a bit overboard with my instagram. I’ve met a lot of industry people before, but one thing I do not do anymore, I do not expose. Meanwhile Sidney’s friend Shauna Brooks showed the ladies of Lip Service that she has Tyga’s number in her phone…A studio album entitled Success & Failure was released in 2010.He began writing lyrics when he was nine years old and was recording raps at ten. They recorded "What's Poppin Off" together, which became a local hit.With the release of the track "Right Thurr" Chingy became an overnight sensation, with the track peaking at number four on the Billboard 100.His highly anticipated debut album Jackpot was released in 2003, and it was received well by critics and fans alike.

His newest album, Success And Failure, will be released sometime in 2009. Louis helping his younger cousin Young Spiffy create his debut album Troublemaka. However as time passed Chingy began to distance himself, during which time a feud emerged between Nelly and Chingy.Sidney stood her ground though and confirmed several times during the interview that she’s had no involvement with Tyga, although she’d like to.“I didn’t do anything with Tyga or the groceries, but i will say if i had the chance I would like to eat those groceries, so Tyga holler at me.The rapper's 2003 summer debut single, "Right Thurr", put him on the musical map as a good-time rapper who specialized in catchy, club-friendly beats and simplistic lyrics delivered in a sing-song, nursery rhyme style.Chingy's 2003 debut album, Jackpot, sold two million copies, thanks to the boost from "Right Thurr".