Who is basshunter dating

Fleiss, who served 21 months in jail for tax evasion in relation to running a prostitution ring, has made no secret of her desire to leave the house.She told Big Brother in the Diary Room that she did not feel comfortable, saying: ''I think I'm ready to go home.He had 25 acts at this party and they put us in a small room with two mattresses on the floor, a bottle of vodka and a bottle of 7Up. He’s not too focused about his career and his image, he’s just a crazy guy who sometimes ends up in trouble – but don’t we all sometimes? When we go out it usually ends up with a couple of girls, which is the fun part. If you don’t have the best voice then you shouldn’t do complicated singing.

Altberg was not pleased to be woken by Big Brother's alarm at 9.45am and began telling the housemates of the torture he had suffered the previous night.The Swede seemed keen to show Ivanova what she was missing by then sitting around in just a towel.Fleiss, British rapper Lady Sovereign and Ivanova will all face the public eviction vote this week, New housemate Ivana Trump - Donald Trump's millionaire ex-wife - who entered the house on Friday, was not eligible to nominate anyone, or be nominated. It has the old-school sound the hardcore fans enjoy and new stuff too. Two of them, but maybe they’re not that autobiographical, they’re more an emotion turned into a song. I wasn’t in the mood to write about hopeless love, although there are songs like that because it’s easy to write about.They picked me up in an army convoy, drove me through checkpoints, then we showed up at this palace. I don’t know if it’s going to work out but we’ll see how it goes. He doesn’t have the best voice in the world but neither do I.