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Who is the Ann Coulter (or Bill Maher) in your life? Frequent Fox News contributor and far right political pundit Ann Coulter is promoting a new book, thus we can all expect to get served double doses of extra-hot foolishness–otherwise known as “Quotes from Ann”–over the next few weeks as Ms. On her visit to a Fox News morning show to promote “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama” Ms.Ten years ago, Ann Coulter was featured on the cover of Time magazine with an article entitled “Ms.Right.” At the time she was a very big presence in the political media but the article pushed her into the realm of popular culture; thus, she became more than just a political bomb thrower. After all, Coulter was among the most flamboyant of the newer, edgier breed of right-wing provocateurs.

What I meant to say was ‘We should burn John Walker Lindh alive and televise it on prime-time network TV’.Koskinen misled a congressional investigation looking into the tea party-targeting scandal and former IRS senior executive Lois G. Conservatives had been agitating for impeachment, saying Mr.Koskinen should be punished for defying a subpoena and providing inaccurate information.Coulter said to Steve Doocy, the host that Democrats “have a lot to be apologetic about.” Doocy weakly agreed.But Coulter saved most of her ire for the folks over at MSNBC.