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Those interviews, though they really got my name out to the general public, overshadowed my work as a new singer trying to get my music out there.This latest album was my chance to brand the term 'interview' as a new start musically and to tell my own story."English version of this song here. Music I've released up until this point has largely been in Korean because that's where I am active and that's the market and country that gave me a chance.He tells Buzz Feed, "A lot of people came to know me as the guy who was interviewing a lot of top stars.Robert Downey Jr., Jamie Foxx, Amanda Seyfried, Chloe Moretz, etc.Her audition for season 12 wasn't aired on national TV, so it is unknown on what her audition song was.During Hollywood rounds, her A Capella and Solo performances were never aired as well, but during her group performance she sang "Knock On Wood".

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--revealed the two will be doing a duet together on this summer's Idol tour. But we'll talk later." There was no shortage of tears as Burnell became the fourth guy in a row this season to be sent packing.

She was past on to the Las Vegas rounds and sang "My Funny Valentine" which gave her a spot in the Top 20.

During the Top 20, she sang "I Believe in You and Me" which put her through to the Top 10 where she is currently placed.

In an unexpected turn of events, he competed on Star Audition for eight months and subsequently signed with B2M Entertainment as a solo artist in September 2012.

He released his first mini-album titled Cloud 9 in January 2013 with the lead single "Heaven's Door." "Good For You" is the title track off of Interview, which was released this past March and is Eric's first mini album (EP) in three years.