What is software purchasing and updating

There is more information about End Note and other reference management tools available to staff and students.

Top of page NVivo (Windows and Mac) is available free to University of Auckland staff and students for download from the QSR website.

For most users, installation is a matter of choosing all the defaults.

Those working with networks or custom installations should read this before installing.

Software Assurance was part of Licensing 6.0 and initially only provided upgrades, but around the time of the Microsoft Office 2003 release, more benefits were added.

In March 2006, Microsoft added Windows Vista Enterprise Edition and Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs.

An Upgrade License is a full Single User License that requires a one-time validation using your E-Prime 2.0 license key.

In June 2011 Microsoft added Windows Thin PC, a desktop virtualization application that allows locked down versions of Windows 7 to run on older hardware.

v1.3 to v1.4All upgrades are free with active maintenance e.g.

Microsoft differentiates License and Software Assurance. Customers may purchase (depending on the program), a license without Software Assurance, Software Assurance only (but only to be used in combination with an existing license), both a License and Software Assurance together.

The three possibilities are not always available, depending on the program (single license or volume license).