Virtual adult living free

Though some might hold reservations about the use of technology in learning, many universities now facilitate learning and collaboration through effective use of Internet applications and technologies, using methods that often surpass their material counterparts.

Two entrance fee plans are available, including a 0% and 90% refund plan.

Refund plans are amortized over a 50-month period to their minimum levels.

If residency is terminated during the first 50 months of occupancy, a partial refund of the entrance fee will be paid at the time of resale of the residence.

When Dottie’s husband passed away, the free-spirited globetrotting slowed, but not Dottie’s quest for new experiences.

Nine years ago, she began searching for a new home because the large suburban house she had shared with her husband was more responsibility than she wanted: “I had a big house and a big yard, with a lot of work to it. I lived in South County, which is pretty far away, so I wanted to make it easier on him by moving closer.” Her search for a new home ended at Breeze Park, but not her adventures.