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Go to Omegle’s page and paste these names in Persian. By the way don’t forget to make your default language English on Omegle.

If you are lucky you will get a few online Iranian girls.

The JV offers a co-branded version of the Skype software called TOM-Skype.

To comply with the government regulation, TOM Online is obliged to use a text filter in TOM-Skype.

With 250 million monthly connected users, Skype is one of the most popular services for making phone calls as well as chatting over the Internet.Act them nicely if you ever have a chance to chat with them. Don’t stroke your stuffs or don’t try to remove your clothes. These girls have beautiful eyes and they look very nice.If you are looking for a brunette partner from Asia, Iranian girls will be the best option for you.If you have friends, family or business contacts abroad, chances are you are using Skype to keep in contact.Having said that, you are probably not aware that all your phone calls and text chats can be monitored by the censorship authorities in China.