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After losing her only two blood relatives in a bad-taste prologue, Emily Browning’s “Babydoll” character (the actress’ “Lemony Snicket” role was a mere warm-up for the unfortunate events ahead here) is committed to Lennox House, an asylum where she’s scheduled to receive a lobotomy in five days’ time.

Rather than face harsh reality, Babydoll plunges into her own imagination, upgrading the maximum-security hospital to a high-end bordello where she and her fellow inmates (Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens and Jamie Chung, playing nymphets with names like Sweet Pea and Rocket) are forced to dance for an assortment of grotesque men.

As dream sequences go, these overloaded and inelegant action scenes, inspired by such fanboy staples as role-playing games, anime, the Frank Miller oeuvre and racy Sorayama-style paintings, are the last thing one might expect from the mind of a traumatized lass, however refreshing it may be to see young actresses going all “Kill Bill” on platoons of bad guys.

Like Quentin Tarantino, Snyder is unapologetic about his influences — the trashier the better — though he’s far less skilled in the art of pastiche.

It’s all her doing the action.” The former “High School Musical” stars have dated since their days five years ago on the first installment of the Disney franchise, and Zac said they’re still going strong. “It’s a good thing to have around.” However, don’t think the two young lovebirds are ready to settle down and start a family — at least, not yet. And while Zac praised Vanessa’s latest role, she was quick to return the kind words.

We don’t really have to try that hard.” Pressed for the secret to their relationship success, Vanessa herself told Laura the two were “extremely lucky.” “He’s an amazing guy and inspires me,” she said. I’m happy,” she previously told over the weekend at the Neutrogena Wave for Change campaign kickoff.

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The three cast mates are in town for the filming of “Sucker Punch”, and sign autographs for fans while enjoying the shopping that Vancouver has to offer on their down time.

– Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, and Emily Browning try to sneak out of Aritzia boutique without being noticed this afternoon.

Only in Snyder’s mind could this scenario be seen as any less degrading than living in a mental institution, which explains why Babydoll must invent a second fantasy layer where she can escape every time she is called upon to perform an exotic dance.

While her call-girl avatar shimmies offscreen for the lecherous warden (Oscar Isaac) and his cronies, including Carla Gugino as a badly Russian-accented madam, we see Babydoll transported into various gonzo vidgame missions, facing off against giant samurai, Nazi zombies, fire-breathing dragons and mechanized robots, while a weathered Scott Glenn serves as her bumper-sticker-quoting sensei/spirit guide.