Validating the file field

if conditions are not met, then a validation error is raised Thanks for this snippet.One thing you might want to change is the quotes around MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE.Django model validators make this easy A validator is a callback function for a model field that will either return True or return a Validation Error exception message which will then be displayed as an error for that field in Django admin. For this simple example, I have a csv file that needs to be checked for valid filetype, empty cell values on required columns, and missing headers.The HEADERS map is designed to be referenced by a separate import process not included in this example, but may give you an idea on how to implement additional sanitization checking and database actions.I struggled with the validation not throwing an error because it was seeing MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE as a string.

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Would one simply add 'application/msword' and 'application/pdf' to the CONTENT_TYPES dictionary in settings? A simple way to handle file validation by checking for a proper content_type and by making sure that the file does not go over its limit upload size limit.In the example I am checking to make sure the file is an image or a video file then I check to make sure that the file is below the max upload limit.In the node edit form, the form element the Upload module adds appears as in the following screenshot.If the Upload module is already enabled, and you need a upload form element more, than you should use the CCK module.