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The middle ground was a smart grad student and a couple of weeks.

Whichever way you interpreted the requirement, it wasn’t met.

However, to check if an XML document conforms to an XML Schema, the document must be validated against that XML Schema.

This tutorial explains the procedure for performing that validation using parsers for the Simple API for XML (SAX) and Document Object Model (DOM), as well as an XML Schema Design (XSD) validator.

To ensure the availability of the Digital Library we can not allow these types of requests to continue.

Most of the setter methods take a boolean that turns the feature on if true or off if false.

However, a couple of the features are defined as confusing double negatives, so read carefully.

These two methods determine whether CDATA sections are merged with text nodes or not.

In most of the cases, $parsers is the right option to handle the logic of custom validation.

Functions added to $parsers are called as soon as the value in the form input is modified by the user.