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A database (and therefore an ASP data-driven site) is only as good as the data within it.For example, if you collect information from your users (like an e Commerce site, let's say), and your users enter incorrect or malformatted data (such as an incorrect email address or an invalid zip code), the data is as good as garbage.The PHP filter extension has many of the functions needed for checking user input, and is designed to make data validation easier and quicker.The filter_list() function can be used to list what the PHP filter extension offers: The following example uses the filter_var() function to check if the variable $int is an integer.HTML Tag Reference HTML Event Reference HTML Color Reference HTML Attribute Reference HTML Canvas Reference HTML SVG Reference Google Maps Reference CSS Reference CSS Selector Reference W3.

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After all it's only the browser display being obfuscated and not the data transfer.

NET MVC projects and seamlessly use both the MVC routing system along-side the Angular JS routing system. NET MVC to make you more productive on the MVC Framework. NET Identity provides some useful features for creating and managing Roles in an application.

This article demonstrates a simple project using ASP. Abstract: This article shows how to mix server-side technologies like ASP.

Check each filter to see what options and flags are available.

The reference contains a brief description, and examples of use, for each function!