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Accounting and financial analysis normally works in months since the books close after every month.

Make sure you have a monthly review of the difference between planned results and actual results for your sales, profits, balance and cash.

An appropriate mind setup should be that strategy is not a “once a year” activity; it’s part of company life evolution, influenced by internal changes, trends, technology, competition evolution and other factors.

As leaders, we must ensure our strategy is clear and understood.

The quality requirement is never going to change when it comes to an effective content marketing strategy.

Plan of action: Long, authoritative content can be expensive to produce, but creative use of the information you collect can turn it into a bargain.

The business planning process involves an important paradox.

For example, if online advertising drove the lion’s share of your website traffic but yielded few qualified leads, you may want to reallocate a portion of that budget to a marketing tactic that yielded greater returns.

While this might seem like chaos, it's actually the opposite; the constantly-updated business plan is what makes order out of chaos.

It becomes a long-term planning process that sets up your strategy, objectives and the steps you need to take by constantly being aware of the results of these steps. You can start with an old plan and revise, but make sure you're taking a fresh look--distance yourself from the trees and look at the forest.

Before the new year begins, it is imperative to update your goals and objectives to align with your strategic business goals for the year ahead.

A significant win at the state legislature or acquisition of a key competitor can influence the overall direction of an organization.