Updating tomtom sat nav

If you own a Tom Tom GPS Sat Nav then the chances are at some point you will have experienced your maps on the device not being completely up to date.

This is entirely to be expected as roads can change, new highways can be built, the priority can be altered on junctions, and business can move addresses.

However, these are not official updates and cannot be guaranteed to be completely accurate as you are relying on another Tom Tom user to have updated your GPS.

We would recommend that you go download official Tom Tom GPS Map Updates, and here is how: The official Tom Tom Map Update Service is the only official way you can guarantee the latest maps on your GPS Sat Nav.

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What has changed is the slightly clunky user interface the App launched in your browser.So in order to use them your i Phone must have the 'Personal Hotspot' feature or your Android phone the 'Tethering and portable hotspot' setting.You have to pair the Tom Tom with your phone and then share the latter's Internet connection.I have also confirmed with Tom Tom that the map “European Camper” edition currently IS NOT AVAILABLE AS A FREE LIFE-TIME UPDATE.When purchasing the Tom Tom Go Live Camper & Caravan GPS you do get a 90 day map guarantee that allows you to download the latest map edition for free within the first 90 days of activating your GPS.