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If you are an existing Adobe In Design user, or if you are an existing Auto Price customer thinking about a switch from Quark XPress to Adobe In Design, here are the top six reasons you should choose our Auto Price software: Other than a few aesthetic tweaks, the user-interface for Auto Price is identical between the Quark XPress and In Design versions.This is important because it means your move to In Design will be seamless — you'll be able to start tagging and updating documents immediately, with no additional training.That's not to say, though, that it's a perfect bit of software.There are many areas where it's more effort to complete a task than it need be, and although Adobe roll out improvements with increasing frequency on the Creative Cloud, there's still plenty of room for plugins to fill the gap.We understand that our customers have invested much time and resources in setting up their database exports and Auto Price configurations.That is why we have taken steps to ensure your setup information can be imported directly into Auto Price for In Design.

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Helping you to make highly customised e Books and apps, the basic package includes enrichments such as video, sliders, audio, interactive buttons, HTML5 and more.The entire database configuration (DDFs, Extraction Records, Search Criteria, Price Styles, etc.) can be imported directly, with no modification. If you will be converting your Quark XPress documents, we have found that Auto Price documents do require some special attention.Luckily our suite of In Design utility software is available to assist you in this process.With their Summer 2016 release, Abode updated their applications to the point that required us to update our plug-ins as well.That update was available the same day Adobe announced their release.