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Snooze will stop an update installing for three days, and give you time to save any crucial work.Alongside snooze, you can also pick a time to schedule a restart for a more convenient time.Much more rarely they're caused by a mistake on Microsoft's part regarding the update itself.Any of Microsoft's operating systems could experience freezing issues during Windows updates including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and more.

Fans can expect the Orisa update to land at around 6pm GMT (11am PDT), when Blizzard is expected to reveal full patch notes for the latest round of changes.

Most of the time, Windows Update does its job with little if any attention from us.

While we might check and install updates manually from time to time, most Windows 10 computers are configured to apply important updates automatically while older versions, like Windows 7 & 8, usually apply these fixes the night of Patch Tuesday.

Some fans may experience a delay as Xbox Live is currently facing problems with signing in.

The 24th hero and sixth tank to join the Overwatch lineup, Orisa has a Fusion Driver - rapid-fire automatic gun, Protective Barrier — Throw a device that creates a stationary shield and Supercharger — Orisa’s ultimate ability that beams a buff to allies within range.