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Note that Moodle Guru Martin Langhoff is now architect of the XS Server software, so Moodle will probably have a more central role in the OLPC project in the future.

Boot from the image to create the server on a fresh hard drive.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Addition of Openbox/fbpanel window manager that is screen rotation aware Screen, touchpad, Dpad and arrow-keys rotation New XO-1.5 chrome video driver that supports rotation XO camera support through the Guvcview application New olpc-2.6.35-based kernels for both the XO-1 and the XO-1.5 (a new 2.6.31 kernel for the XO-1 is also provided) A first attempt of a Spanish localization package (included in the download) Jamesbond's new snapmergepuppy that dramatically decreases savefile and shutdown times Shinobar's new "sfs_load on the fly" for loading and unloading sfs without reboot.

External monitor/projector, firewall, samba shares and bluetooth support Improvements in the puppyfile detection and the shutdown process Better power management Updated XO-version-specific Quickpet and PPM repo data Updated Flash player Trio's you2pup-2.1.2. More informative battery monitor, new airplane mode, pupdial that works with 3G modems, fixed UI in pupradio, hardware/setup-aware first-run screen, improvements in the package manager, etc. XOpup-1 is based on Puppylinux 5.1.1 with several customizations to fit the hardware.

non-profit organization set up to oversee the creation of an affordable educational device for use in the developing world.

OLPC is a 501(c)(3) organization registered in Delaware, USA Each company has donated two million dollars.

In 2006 there was a major controversy because Microsoft had suddenly developed an interest in the XO project and wanted the formerly open source effort to run Windows.

Negroponte agreed to provide engineer assistance to Microsoft to facilitate their efforts.

The subnotebooks are designed for sale to government-education systems which then give each primary school child their own laptop.

Pricing was set to start at 8 in 2006, with a stated goal to reach the 0 mark in 2008 and the 50-dollar mark by 2010.

Mobile ad hoc networking via 802.11s Wi-Fi mesh networking is used to allow many machines to share Internet access as long as at least one of them can see and connect to a router or other access point.

Download the latest image from burn it to a CD with your favorite disk burning program.

These instructions are written from build 160 available since March 11, 2008. They specifically say that third party software like Moodle should be installed according to other installation instructions, so this is the attempt to provide those instructions.