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Many locations also offer pick-up, express and urgent service for an extra fee.If you already have a passport, it will be cancelled and must be submitted with your application. Are you also submitting an application for your child?Although customs officers may take a second (or even third) look and, at time, question whether you are the person in the photo, they know that many changes can occur in 10 years. In summary, it is not necessary to get the picture in your passport changed but if you want to you can. Passports are legal identification documents required by countries for international travel.The United States Department of State handles the Passport Agency and all passport requests made by American citizens. Keep in mind that the application process takes about four to six weeks.Find out how to apply for a passport for your child.Find a passport office or a receiving agent (Service Canada or Canada Post) closest to you.

Now go to the Firmware tab, click the “Update From File” button located under the Manual Update section, navigate and select the newly extracted “My Passport Wireless_1.02.17.bin” file, and click “Ok” to confirm the selection and initiate the update process.Bear in mind that if the update is interrupted in any way, the device might experience serious malfunctions and can even be rendered as unusable.Upon completion, simply reboot the storage and check the currently installed firmware to ensure that the installation has been successful.An important aspect that I must highlight is that, during the installation process, you mustn’t power off the device, terminate the connection between the computer and the storage, or remove the power adapter.Also, make sure not to rename the file used for the upgrade.