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You should create a backup of the i Phone/i Pod before you restore.We recommend that you back up the i Phone or i Pod data such as songs, videos, photos, contacts, calendars etc before restoring the device with i Tunes.Author: redwing MB does not support direct-syncing to i Devices with i OS higher than 3.11. You will need first install the latest version of i Tunes.You need to use either i Tunes or "i Pod & i Phone Driver" plugin ( But never set i Tunes to auto-organize your music files, which will cause MB to keep looking for missing files constantly.Apple has detailed instructions for that, so have a look at them.

topic=11800.0) and use i Tunes's File Add Folder to Library command and select your music files folders.

But syncing a lonely i Pod with a new computer (without losing content already existing on the i Pod) is not easy, and there’s no guideline provided by Apple whatsoever. Since you have all the content on your i Pod, we can extract it from the i Pod, import it into the new computer’s i Tunes library, and sync with the new library.

That’s why it is recommended to have a backup of your computer, and doing so might save you a lot of hassle, kinda like what you’re probably going through right now! But if the music/content is purchased via i Tunes, you can simply authorize the computer, and i Tunes will instantly recognize the i Pod.

Learn how to manage your i Pod content three different ways by following the steps below.

i Tunes 12.2 with support for Apple Music came out yesterday and managed to create quite a stir for all the wrong reasons.