Updating coverage area for verizon

You can look at coverage in your local area by entering your zip code on their coverage locator (be sure to select "Prepaid").

When we lived in the Chapel Hill, NC area we checked out the coverage: looking east to Wilmington Beach, Kittyhawk and the Outer Banks, coverage was pretty good with thick bands along most of the highways, with coverage even in the Outer Banks. You are only considered to be roaming when you are outside their digital coverage area for your plan.

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While we know Verizon to be a popular telecom carrier and among the ‘big four’, the company is way bigger and goes way beyond the traditional definition of being a ‘carrier’.

With a few clicks of your dial pad, your phone will be updated.

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But before we look at the plans lets check out the...

According to Consumer Reports, Verizon has the best coverage overall nationwide.