Updating chrome

This build includes several security fixes, bug fixes and improvements to stability and performance.

Google Chrome users should make sure their browser is fully updated after the internet giant released a major security fix.

Jerome Segura at Malware Bytes was the first to report about a phishing attack that uses a fake "Chrome Update" to trick end-users into installing ransomware on their workstation.

So, I would send an email to your users with something similar to: "Watch out for emails that look like they come from Google, and warn you that 'Your version of Google Chrome is potentially vulnerable and out of date.' This is a recent spam wave, and they cyber criminals are trying to make you download this well-known browser but in reality it is a dangerous Trojan that will encrypt all your files and demand a significant amount of money as ransom to give you your files back.

Mouse cursor is visible & moveable but does nothing. Please use ESC key or Power Button." Esc does not work. --Process Repeats I tried rebooting into Safe Mode and that appeared to be a step in the right direction. If that is what it takes, I would prefer to just stay on my version of Windows 10 and forgo all the "enhancements". When clicked on, this opens a new tab with a page which closely resembles the real Gmail login page, and asks the user to sign in once more.However the page is actually a portal for hackers to steal your email address and password information - giving them full access to your account.Where should I download the latest version of Flash Player?Because malware authors will often employ misleading tactics to make malware look like something you should trust, it's important to get your Flash Player updates directly from Adobe.