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However, you can install Enterprise Edition on NT 4 Server and Windows 2000 (Win2K) Server.

You don't need NT 4.0 Enterprise or Win2K Advanced Server.

As experienced DBAs know, incorrect cardinality estimates can be devastating to the database’s performance.

Potential issues include, Given how important this is, you may be surprised to learn that SQL Server 2012 used essentially the same cardinality estimator that was introduced in 1998 with SQL Server 7.

Compatibility Levels If you are unfamiliar with the term, compatibility levels in SQL Server perform two crucial roles.

First, they determine which database features will be available.

We’ll also be demonstrating you how to clone databases directly in order to trace performance issues more efficiently.

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The latest update is also bringing out some features which previously were only accessible in the Enterprise Edition.PLEASE NOTE: The authors based their SQL Server 2000 articles for this issue on pre-Beta 2 versions, so you might notice some differences between Beta 2 and the behavior or interfaces we describe in this issue.In particular, please note that the indexed views feature will be available only in SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition.It helps avoid dealing with trigger recursion that you would otherwise experience since you will be modifying the underlying table.This type of trigger overrides the action of the statement that triggered it.