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It employs some 50,000 workers across the country at 1,500 outlets in nearly is run by devout Christians who believe in strong marriages, devoted families, and the highest standards of character for their workers.The restaurant chain’s official corporate mission is to “glorify God” and “enrich the lives of everyone we touch.” The company’s community-service initiatives, funded through its Win Shape Foundation, support foster-care, scholarship, summer-camp, and marriage-enrichment programs.

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Casual sex or hookups or uncommitted sexual encounters, are becoming progressively more engrained in the Kampala city lifestyle.

The fearsome “muscle flexing” is being done by the hysterical bullies trying to drive them off of college grounds and out of their neighborhoods in the name of “human rights.” Clearly the Christian business man who lives what he believes deserves our support….

Thank God that some people are strong enough to stand up for what they believe even in the face of assault and ridicule from those who have no integrity…. Truet Cathy founded a wonderful company who hires teenagers and pays their way to college. These people are undermining American strongholds in order to weaken us for the enemy within and the enemy without! The Atlanta-based company, dogged for months by accusations of homophobia, insists it is “not anti-anybody” but instead simply wants to “graciously serve great food and have a positive influence on all who come in contact with groups, its frequent presence at large religious rallies and the praise music reverberating from speakers in its restaurants, both fans and detractors often refer to it as one of the country’s most overtly Christian businesses.

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John was in Massachusetts raising visibility for his work with the LGBTI community in Uganda when on February 24 President Museveni signed into law the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Act.