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While the odds vary by technique used, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine warns that even for women under age 38, the chances that any one frozen egg will result in a baby are 2-12 percent, and the odds diminish for older women.Further, unlike Tupperware, egg freezing is a luxury service, with price tags running ,000 or more (not including the price of later attempts to use the eggs via in vitro fertilization).Creative party theme ideas are essential for those looking to do hostess party games that result in booking more direct sales home parties.Take advantage of these ideas and date more shows All of these demo themes go with the direct sales theme book.Egg harvesting and storage are sold as fertility insurance for “clock tickers.” These parties are thrown to persuade those who do not want to become mothers now to save gametes for an unknown, but anticipated, future time, when they may face age-related infertility.Unlike Tupperware, fertility insurance is not useful in 90 percent of American homes, or even to 90 percent of women who wish, some day, to bear children.

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To date, NSP has released four studio albums, in addition to two albums as a part of Starbomb, while also releasing original, non-musical material on their You Tube channel.While Tupperware parties offered inexpensive fun in postwar suburbia, as many commentators have pointed out, egg-freezing parties are promoting pricey lottery tickets, with possible health risks to purchasing women and any resulting baby.Measured by target market and cost, the business model of egg freezing is much more like that of early commercial sperm banks than of the Tupperware company.This is a coffee table binder that guests look at during your show, giving them extra incentive and ideas on ways to entertain their guests during their own demo. Create Your Own Direct Sales Theme Book The following are some creative party theme ideas that I used in my Tupperware shows, but most can be adapted to any direct sales business.This is by far the most popular of these creative party theme ideas.