Top10 dating sites

represents an updated dating web organization, where men from any country of the world can find a Slavic bride to their liking.

The data base of the dating site constitutes over 60 000 women from former Soviet countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Moldova and many more.

Website: Description: was founded 16 years ago, under the IAC / Inter Active Corp, is the world’s largest marriage dating site.

According to com Score Media Metrix statistics, currently has 15 million users in 15 languages, operating in more than 35 countries, is the world’s largest dating site, the acquisition of Netclub, will increase more than 300 million new user.

2 Plentyof Website: Plenty Of Fish (POF) is a web-based free dating site that is popular in the United States, with an average of 45 million visitors per month, with 30 million visits per day.

Countries like Russia and Ukraine women are not behind in the aforementioned aspect either.

If you happen to be from any of these country and are looking to meet someone special, then you have landed on the right page.

Plenty Of Fish’s background technology and products may be the same as most of us use . Unlike other dating sites, the site’s daily traffic can reach more than 30 million, and from start to finish the site is only one person in the design and maintenance. In fact, and many of us the same, that is, just rely on the site advertising, receive advertising.

Plenty Of Fish does not charge any registered user fees, but claims to be 100% free. Its only profit model is advertising, a year’s income can reach 500 to 10 million dollars. Plenty Of Fish as a dating site, in the basic functions can meet the needs of users in the user experience to do more intimate. Users can accept this free website user experience ugly and service instability, and more willing to through this platform to publish some content, share some personal pictures, through this site to find beautiful or handsome dating. Plenty Of Fish allows its users to upload a lot of photos, according to statistics has reached 6TB, and then allow each user to other users of the photo to score, the middle of the interaction process may give the user a lot of self-expression opportunities, So that they began to indulge in this site. Plenty Of Fish in the user information authenticity has done a lot of work, providing a variety of reporting and crackdown function, it is estimated that the owners every day to delete these trouble users.