Tips on dating an englishman

Reluctance to display emotion in the face of extreme misfortune or extreme good fortune is the first key element of British cool (or coldness).

To some, this quality could be more than just an annoying charm.

We been out a few times and there's definitely some "chemistry" happening. My experience is they are excellent at "sporting" (sex).

Somewhat impersonal fucking, but absolutely great, throw-down fucking all the same. I got the impression the Brits who I bedded would rather pull out their eye lashes than discuss emotions.

” “Because you only go out with English or Irish guys.” “Haha, you know me too well. In a study of 6,500 men and women from across the world, psychologist Richard Weisman found that British men were 10% less likely to make romantic gestures then men from other countries. Before you despair over the lack of recieving impromptu holidays to Torremelinos and Lindt semi-dark, take heart as this seems to be the average British male behaviour. Funnily enough, the most romantic British man I’ve come across would be Mr. Only 32% of Brit men have written a song or poem for their loved one, compared with 41% of non-British men, and only 44% had taken their other halves on a surprise holiday compared with 51% elsewhere. The Times just published a little blurb about British men and their um…deficiencies last month (19/7/09): British men are among the least romantic in the world.