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If his request is turned down, Padowitz said he would consider making a mold of his client’s sex organ to show the jurors.

Marquinez's son, Omar Andrade, slammed Patterson as a 'desperate man trying a desperate tactic' in a bid to get away with murder.

Instead, he contacted an ex-girlfriend and his daughter on October 28, 2015. Boiko, the medical examiner, testified that by the time police arrived at her apartment and found her body, Marquinez had been dead at least 24 hours, but more likely 48 or more.

Ahead of Patterson's trial, his penis has emerged as a bone of contention between the defense and the prosecution, with the former seeking to have it shown to the jury and the latter insisting that if presented in court, the sex organ must be erect.

Patterson's attorney claims his client accidentally choked Marquinez during oral sex.

Boiko went on to say that had Patterson's sex member was, in fact, obstructing Marquinez's airway, there would have been evidence of struggle.‘If she cannot breathe, she usually start to kicking, biting or to do something to prevent this blocking of the airway, try to open this airway,’ Boiko said from the stand.

Patterson is accused of choking his girlfriend, 60-year-old Francisca Marquinez (right) Last week, Patterson’s defense attorney, Ken Padowitz, filed a motion asking a judge to allow his client to present his manhood to the jury, arguing that it is 'essential' for members of the panel to examine the body part in order to fully understand testimony from an expert witness, reported the Sun-Sentinel.

The defense attorney also requested that Patterson be allowed to strip down in front of a handpicked group of people, among them the judge, lawyers, a bailiff and the jurors.

"Holly, it doesn't matter what happened," Patterson said in the recording.

"I'm not telling you what happened because you don't need to know.