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Not one argument, we get on so well that we are planning the rest of our lives together.So thank you, and if you've read this wondering if you should give internet dating a try, I'd say go for it.Roger Federer pockets million a year, while Serena Williams nets an impressive Million. In the 80s, it was rare for top male players to be more than 6 feet. Tall female players include Akgul Amanmuradova from Uzbekistan, and Eva Hrdinova from Czech Republic – both of whom stand at 6’3”. ) A tennis player’s pre-match diet typically includes wholegrain bread, reduced-fat yogurt, bananas, apples, and granola bars.An essential tool when meeting the parents for the first time.If that’s whet your appetite, just have a look at our list of 15 top reasons for courting on the court. Especially those that include strawberries and lemonade.And always having to keep their tennis whites pristine means they will have expert advice on the best way to remove grass stains.

Matches can be maddening, especially when the competition is fierce, but wise players learn to channel their frustration into focused play.

If you play your cards right, you’ll be able to go with them. Tennis players can’t abide grass that is anything but short.

Wives, husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends are frequently seen at sun-drenched courts around the world. The last married woman to win the women’s singles championship in Wimbledon was Chris Evert Lloyd in 1981.

To become a skilled player requires long hours of practice and training.

obviously a very useful skill for long-term relationships.