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You can only buy food items with this kuchipatchi version, and if you connect the kutchipatchi figurine that the top, then you can play one additional game (without the figurine, the tamagotchi has 2 games on it).

I think the purpose of this tamagotchi is to collect all the figurines that you can attach to the top of it - with each figurine, i believe you get 2 extra games, and also the ability to buy extra food and also items that don't appear in the normal shop you visit.

Notes: The Tamagotchi Generation Two is very similar to Generation One in terms of programming.

The two "generations" have different characters and a different game in each, and a number of other minor differences, such as small differences in the Meal and Snack options,the background of the Tamagotchi and in the animation that is shown at the end of a Tamagotchi's life. Notes: The Tenshitchi no Tamagotchi was released in Japan in August 1997 with three different designs, and a later English version, the Tamagotchi Angel, was released in America and Europe with four designs.

I've been collecting tamagotchis since they appeared in the US back in the 90s.

Out of all the tamagotchis I have ever owned, these are the worst.

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It also has better pixelation than the previous versions because there is a grayscale.Since you are referring to it as the "date place", I am assuming you have the Tamatown Tama-GO version.It will go to the date place once it reaches 6 yrs.Press any button to stop your tama in the same position as the other character. Match the shapes before they get to the bottom of the screen. When you see a shape fall, use the B Button to scroll through the different shapes at the bottom and match it to the falling shape.