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”, and the answer is rather simple - either this requirement is already implemented and tested by other tests, or we still need this test and we will get back to it later when it actually will fail.

As we can remember, in the first part of these series, we were going through an example, and we were writing multiple tests in a row, that were all expecting the same outcome and of course they didn’t fail, because we had one line in our function that made them all pass.

Another thing, overanalyzing every decision I make.This will result in errors when the program tries to perform operations on the backups that no longer exist. Depending on a backup type, this command completely deletes the backup from its location or allows you to choose whether you want to delete the backup completely or the backup box only. Perform one of the following: ♦ For a new backup, click Add backup, choose Create new backup, select backup source and destination, and then click Options. ♦ If you delete a full backup version - the program will also delete all subsequent incremental and differential versions till the next full version.When you delete a backup box only, the backup files remain in the location, and you will be able to add the backup to the list later. ♦ For an existing backup, select the backup from the backup list, click Operations, choose Edit settings, and then click Options. On the Backup scheme tab, select Custom scheme, select a backup method, and then click Turn on automatic cleanup. ♦ If you delete an incremental backup version or a differential backup version - the program will also delete all subsequent incremental versions till the next full or differential version Link to custom schemes help section. Note that if you delete a backup completely, the deletion cannot be undone. “Do not let another day go by where your dedication to other people’s opinions is greater than your dedication to your own emotions!