Strawberry cam

We're back - and 2017 is going to be better than ever! Throughout the whole of this week and until Wednesday 7 June Strawberry Fair volunteers will be working on Midsummer Common to build, run and then take down Strawberry Fair 2017.

From putting up and taking down fences to loading and unloading vans to making all kinds of decorations to painting the site bins there is lots of work to be done.

What could be finer than punting on the river Cam on a lovely sunny day?

It's an image often associated with Cambridge - lazy summer days, champagne picnics, men in straw boaters...

we tell you all you need to know about punting on the river Cam! ) stands on the platform at the back and pushes the pole against the river bed in order to move the punt.

Strawberry cam-24Strawberry cam-2

Before that, they were used by fisherman and reed-cutters in the Fens.

The basic design was developed in Medieval times and made it a very stable craft, particularly suitable for shallow water.

These craft were therefore perfect for use in the marshy Fens.

The graham crackers get soft and cake-like and are stuffed between layers of sweetened whipped cream and juicy strawberries. * This strawberry ice box cake is by far my favorite summer dessert!

You guys love it too apparently because it has remained a reader favorite for over two years now!! Many of you don’t like to use Cool Whip and I understand that – call me crazy but I actually like the flavor of it.