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This was written in 2010 by me, and today, in June 2017, the Mac Steam client is very buggy.

A lot of people have to restart their computers when they try to play videos full screen (from games) and the whole web-view-wrapper kind of thing is a pain and more often than not requires close/reopen or reloads.

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Even if a later version of the binary is already installed, that version cannot be used, and even if your Direct X install is up-to-date because you’ve run a more recent version of the installer that is not guaranteed to have installed all previous versions.

The Mc Afee "about" section clearly indicates that nothing actually has updated.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled Mc Afee multiple times and the problem still returns. MVT does not detect problems either (though today MVT found some security center registry error).

Hey, Since yesterday afternoon i cant launch any of my steam games, when clicking play it just says " Preparing to Launch *insert game here*..." Also when closing steam it just just says "syncing with steam cloud" and never finishes syncing.

Verified game cache 2 times, updated drives ect, everything steam support page said to do.