Stanwell pipes dating

Beyond the model stamp “130”, the pipe is marked “Stanwell, Royal Briar” and, of course, “Made in Denmark”.The markings are all on the underside of the shank except the model mark, which is on the right hand side of the shank.

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(info recd from Jorgen Grundtvig, Managing Director, Stanwell A/S) 2) Block letter stamp Silver S used until late 1960s and then changed to script.3) Up until the early 1960s only the top pipes, e.g. The shank is stamped Stanwell over Made in Denmark.

With the movement of the production from Denmark to Italy in 2009 the interest for Danish produced Stanwell pipes have increased.

If the specific Stanwell pipe is marked "Made in Denmark" its from before 2009.

Stanwell is probaly the most famous Danish brand of them all.

Once they were known for being the most efficient pipefactory in the world.