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The form Claims Flagged for Manual Review indicates the information that is required for claims submitted with a Y indicator.The supporting documentation may be submitted with your diskette/tape submission.Curiosity about the veracity of the story was also bubbling throughout the company’s mustard-and-green Palo Alto headquarters, which was nearing the end of a .7 million renovation.Everyone at Theranos, from its scientists to its marketers, wondered what to make of it all.

For most claims, this field would be blank; however, if the claim requires special consideration (e.g., two identical services billed same day), a Y indicator should be entered in this field.

Besides the fact that the lighter spirits are often comparable to mixed drinks in caloric content, they’re also packed with antioxidants that can benefit everything from cardiovascular health to cancer prevention.

If you must go with the hard stuff, opt for vodka or gin on the rocks.

A study published in the linked moderate drinkers to healthier weights than those who binge or abstain from alcohol all together. Stay fit and even gain some fringe benefits with these healthy drinking habits.

Although hard liquor is often lauded as the low-carb alternative to having a brew with your buddies, beer and wine are healthier options.