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Please note that 99% of the time, a MIRC guitar will be an absolute excellent guitar for the money and have a normal expected product life span that easily compares to a non MIRC processed similar guitar..While there is no warranty to the public from MIRC, MIRC does back what it sells direct to it's dealers for a limited time, the dealer has time to inspect the instrument and send it back if there are concerns, MIRC will make a dealer warranty claim good while the instrument is in the dealers inventory, and that's just good business for dealers, adds another layer to the inspection process, and helps dealers offer 100% great instruments to their customers.You can still get examples for about £500ish if you are lucky but I’ve seen a Tele like mine go for as much as £900! I put the P90 in myself as a previous owner had already butchered it by badly fitting a Strat pickup in the middle anyway so I didn’t really do any more damage.

mark that's hammer stamped on the back of the headstock and then you notice the last few digits of the original Serial Number are Smeared or Removed and or covered with a white or bronze color sticker with a black 9 digit number over the original altered serial number, If you were not 100% informed prior to purchase, you may be asking, WHY? C., who claims to be: " ", purchases instruments from major manufactures and wholesale distributors, with the majority of their inventory purchases as "less than first quality" guitars. ” My Squier is actually one of the very first models they made in Japan which is now known as a JV series instrument because of the JV serial number on the bridge plate.Unfortunately a lot more people have realised the quality of the JV series now so they’re not so cheap any more.In March 1985, CBS sold Fender to a group of private investors.The serial numbers do not reflect this change - Fender continued to make instruments using existing serial number schemes.