Spragga benz dating

I knew that one day I would do it." He is now on his third film and looking to do a fourth -- the first two being Facing Reality and Bloodshed.

Yes you know them all, they started with the I love yous, they kissed, hugged, held hands, and flaunted their love in the public eye.

Jamaican-born director Cleon James tells Splash that an official release date hasn't been set yet for the movie as he is now the process of securing premiere venues in different parts of the United States.

Green Card is based on Caribbean people making their way to the United States all seeking the American dream.

A series of well-received singles followed, many included on his debut album, Jack It Up (1994).

This success led to a deal with Capitol Records, who issued his second album, Uncommonly Smooth, in 1995, featuring duets with Chevelle Franklyn ("A-1 Lover") and "Spanish Harlem" (with Ben E. The album didn't sell well enough for Capitol, who dropped him, after which he spent a few years releasing further singles in Jamaica, also collaborating with the likes of Wyclef Jean and KRS-One.

In the same year, Benz made his film acting debut in Brooklyn Babylon, and the following year played a leading role in the gangster film Shottas.

VERY soon there will be a new Jamaican flick lighting up the big screen featuring dancehall deejay Spragga Benz.

In commenting on his role Spragga says, "I think the role it portrays is a new way of seeing the system." Acting is nothing new to the dancehall deejay as he has been featured in Shottas and Brooklyn Babylon where he starred as himself.She was dancehall’s self-proclaimed ‘Bad Gyal’, but did she meet her match? Though she tried to keep her relationship with fellow entertainer Christopher Martin a secret, they couldn’t keep their love out of the public eye.Well, story really ‘come to bump’ when Ce’Cile’s baby bump started to show. However, shortly afterwards the couple’s four year relationship came to an end after rumours of heavy partying and skirt chasing began to surface. D’Angel and Bounty Killer This beauty, known for her attractive long legs, makes our list twice.Foxy Brown is dissing Ashanti on Instagram saying that the R&B singer is dating her ex-boyfriend Spragga Benz. The New York rapper and the dancehall deejay dated in the early 2000s but have since split.