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Warming Up It was with no little amount of trepidation that Jo (the other victim) and I wandered up to the front door of the Boom Bar in St.John's Hill where we were to spend the next few hours trying to be as entertaining and vivacious as possible (yes, we were out researching so it didn't really count but no one likes to lose…even if they are only playing) with a mob of people who we'd never met before.Happily our obvious embarrassment faded fairly sharpish as a result of two things - one was a swift (and stiff) drink and the other was the charming and generally settling presence of Stuart, the event organiser and the evening's compare.

The UK's widest motorway is not where you might expect to find it — in fact, it's on the unassuming M61 near Manchester.

Sanjeev Gupta, the head of the Liberty Group, held talks with the Government and has raised hopes that jobs could be saved, especially at the huge plant in Port Talbot, South Wales.

Mr Gupta said: "UK Government appears highly supportive and is proactively engaged in finding a long-term solution.

Grantham lies about 23 miles (37 km) south of the city and county town of Lincoln, and about 22 miles (35 km) east of the city of Nottingham.

The resident population in 2014 was estimated as 43,117, excluding the adjacent villages of Great Gonerby and Barrowby.