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Partners are matched on suitable levels of language proficiency and meet up after the event to continue the language exchange and also to deepen their cultural knowledge.

One participant stated that he was already able to converse with more people in his workplace; another language couple realised they lived in the same block of flats which made it more convenient to arrange meetings; and a further couple have spent evenings at each other’s homes, speaking each other’s languages and experiencing each other’s cultures.

There are more than 150 nationalities registered in Dubai speaking an impressive array of different languages.

Despite this English has become the default or common language denominator for communication in Dubai which often denies us the opportunity to learn or practice other languages.

However, this situation prompted her to create Speak Dating – not only to improve efficiency in a foreign language, but also to promote a deeper understanding of other cultures.

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There are many ways to practice in a language exchange, but the best one is to ensure that both participants speak the same language for a while and then switch to the other language. Your own skills and own curiosity will set up the list of languages available at Speak Dating.‘There are two types of philosophy for learning languages.August 2014 – The expatriate community represents 90% of Dubai’s population, making it very common to meet a variety of people from different backgrounds, speaking different languages.This week’s launch of ‘speak dating’ aims to change that. People with different first languages are put into pairs.For example, say one of the pair speaks French but would like to learn Hindi.