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It is troublesome because in the English language white has almost exclusively positive associations, whereas black has largely negative ones.

Humans have been arbitrarily labeled by the lighter skinned males who have held power in our culture since its inception.

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"Tongs, ya bass," became Glasgows unofficial motto, but while many thought "bass" was short for bastard, it was, in fact, a corruption of the ancient Gaelic expression for "battle and die". The media presented Britain with images of youths discarding "chibs" - bladed weapons - unaware that minutes before they had probably been filched from their mothers kitchen drawers.

Customised expressions used by the gangs include: "plunge" - stab; "puntin" - .

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All these GM'ers had followed the Tahoe as it snaked down the line.The commonly used nomenclature of black and white is particularly troublesome and unfounded.It is physiologically unfounded because in the entire history of humanity no human has ever been born with black or white skin.Some are gray haired ladies, but that is not overwhelmingly common.Only 80 year old granny pussy porn with real life mature that passed the 80's.