Rss not validating Zive anonym chatroom

RSS, “Really Simple Syndication”, is a way to easily distribute a list of headlines, update notices, and sometimes content to your users.

Setting up a feed is a straightforward process, as is resolving the errors you might find.

After fixing the special character issue I checked my RSS feed again but this time it showed a different RSS feed validation error: The 1st error was easy to spot and I fixed it quickly but this 2nd error took me a while to figure out.

I first opened the HTML source of my home page and I noticed that there was a block of junk after the This looks very suspicious but couldn’t figure out how it was getting appended there. So I started disabling the plugins to see if any of the plugins were adding this weird block of code.

The majority of the common errors experienced when working with RSS Feeds are due to the strict XML syntax structure.

If you receive an error on your RSS feed, first make sure that you have public posts on your site.

To test if your RSS feed url is validated: – Find an RSS validator that you trust (is an example of one that we use) – Enter your RSS feed url, it will either give some possible causes of the error or validate the url The last resolution option is also the most complex and should be attempted only after the first two have been completed.

As we mentioned earlier, XML follows a strict syntax and seemingly insignificant things like a blank line or a tab can cause the feed to break and the XML to error out.

To preview your campaign, we recommend you send a test email to yourself, or cut down on the number of feedblocks in your campaign instead.

I wrote an article earlier explaining how some of my posts started showing special characters after I transferred my blog to the new hosting and how I got rid of those character encoding issues but looks like I didn’t get rid of all of them.

I manually edited the post and got rid of the special character which fixed this issue.

In this article I am going to explain what the error was and what I did to resolve it so you don’t panic if it ever happens to you.

Internet explorer was displaying the following error when I clicked the RSS feed link on my site: At this stage my best option was to validate my RSS feed using the W3C Feed Validator A quick validation check revealed that I had some special characters in one of my posts.