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He will play any role you want him to play, and he'll be amazing at it! Write and experience your own romance story or erotic fiction with a perfect partner.Rolemance is a sleek, interactive experience built for fans of erotica, fanfiction, and romance novels like Fifty Shades of Grey.The gravity of sexual intimacy between partners, married or otherwise, is needless to say diminishing, thanks to the whirlwind pace of life. For Anisha, role-playing happened soon after her first year of marriage.So what can you really do to fuel the 'fun element' in your bedroom? It might come across as a radical statement but in an attempt to tone it down, let's say, no marital relationship can survive without sex for a long time. "My hubby and I are quite adventurous by nature but unfortunately both of us ended up choosing boring professions.Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone.

Its something we have enjoyed writing and talking about, and we hope you will enjoy reading it.

We decided to go on a second honeymoon to Thailand and it was then that he said he'd want to try something different." So, was she nervous?

"At first it was very weird, I was shy and apprehensive.

This is your chance to star in your own Harlequin novel.

In Rolemance you can:[ ] Create rich story starters with photos, engaging titles, and ample space for story and character details.[ ] Take control of your destiny by evaluating partners based on their compatibility with your writing style.