Rite aid dating policy

Coupon Policy: 1 manufacturer’s (MQ) per item AND 1 Rite Aid Q per item * You may also use one / or similar coupon per transaction *To use a /, the transaction must total AFTER coupons *Multiple transactions are accepted * Will not allow more than four identical coupons to be used per transaction * Will not allow BOGO coupons to be used with BOGO sales * Will only allow one coupon to be used in conjunction with a BOGO sale * Must purchase TWO items to receive a BOGO discount * Occasionally offers Qs for a gift certificate when you transfer a prescription.* Links to Upromise through your UP Rewards card * Links to Saving Star through your UP Rewards card * Offers Rite Aid store coupons for watching Videos Values (commercials) on their website The Rite Aid coupon policy was updated in May of 2011.so I called my sister to bring me money who lives 25 mins away... It seemed like eternity but on 1 hour and we even left and sit at Mc Donald's for 30 mins of that time. I attempted to track my order on their site and there was no place to do so even though their site FAQ said there was.I was out of gas so didn't want to drive home and come back again... My sis would go to the wrong Rite Aid so she was running behind. I contacted them through their CS email, but received no response.If you missed any of the posts from the Online Coupon Workshop, please visit the Online Coupon Workshop page under the Welcome Tab at the top of the page.

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Rite Aid is also afraid of disciplining employees of certain races or ethnicities.Rite Aid offers customers a generous customer satisfaction guarantee on the products that it carries.When products are returned within 30 days of the receipt date, customers can receive an exchange, credit or merchandise credit according to the following guidelines for returns.No more than one “48” Rite Aid Valuable coupon, one “49” Rite Aid Manufacturer coupon, and one “5” Manufacturer coupon can be used on a single item.Rite Aid may accept up to 4 identical coupons for the same number of qualifying items as long as there is sufficient stock to satisfy other customers within the store manager’s sole discretion.