Rihanna eminem dating

“Rihanna deserved better than Chris and I’m so glad she has someone as amazing as my baby Drake,” Twitter user @drakegroupie tweeted out of Rihanna and Drake’s romance, which is reportedly getting increasingly serious after the “Hotline Bling” rapper gushed about his rumored girlfriend at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

Either he was with his [common law] wife [Kim], or Robyn was with Chris." The source added the pair are no getting extremely closer than ever while on their "Monster Tour." , the 27-year-old flashed images of Rihanna and the number "666" during his set revealing that the song was dedicated to her and the love he had for her.Such an unhealthy relationship,” @layshakae_x3 tweeted of Brown and Rihanna’s on/off romance, while @theyloveashh_ added, “Be like Rihanna.Leave [your] Chris Brown and get with [your] Drake.” “If I was Brown, I’d shed a d*** tear EVERY time I saw Drake & Rihanna perform together,” Twitter user @t CIARAj then joked of Chris.' And the flirtiness between the two didn't stop there. They would hug and he would kiss into her neck." Watch the video below for more on Drake and Rihanna's romantic NYC dinner date.Drake -- who also bought a billboard sign for Rihanna ahead of her MTV honor and later shared a kissing selfie of the two -- only had eyes for the "Love On the Brain" singer at a VMA after-party at Up & Down nightclub, a source told ET.