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They want to learn how to communicate about sex, how to feel more sexually confident, and how to rescue their floundering sex lives.I keep my antennae tuned into the particular challenges of their situations, then use a combination of accurate information, personalized exercises and good ol’ fashioned advice to help them start creating the sex lives of their dreams. An 8-Step Vagina Manual For Those Not In Possession Of One. I would have directed this to everybody but as I have seen in my own experiences with lesbian sex, people who own one tend to know how to handle one.

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But there is never a satisfying answer because even if it was the answer given by that person — most likely one to gently let you down, your bruised ego would refuse to believe it anyway. 45 Questions To Guarantee You’ll Never Have A Boring Date Again. Pay attention to what they tell you, no matter how insignificant or mundane.

However, to prove to you that I am not purposely going on dates with guys I know will be duds, here are messages from guys that I have received this month that I did not go on dates with. I have a feeling that there's more to you than just your looks, but let's see if you're as nice and interesting in person.

As bad as my actual dates are, it appears that there is much worse out there…... I'm also sure that you have gotten about 650 e-mails so far from old dirty men wanting to be your sugar daddy...

It clears you and your bf care about each and enjoy being together; but I don't think it's a good idea to marry because you think you "should." [You'll see in my book, I'm not a big fan of the word "should"-I think it gets us in trouble! Only marry your boyfriend if you both really WANT to do that now.

] Don't let other people tell you what to do or inform your decisions. Otherwise, you may wake up in a marriage wondering how you got there. _______________________ Ashland, Oregon: I am a man!